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My name is

Julian Handl


I'm a UX designer and frontend developer from Austria.

My big passion is jamstack. I prefer to work with Svelte / Sveltekit or Vue.js / Nuxt, combined with a serverless architecture. Of course I also use Wordpress. Nonetheless there are headless Wordpress alternatives for content-management (Strapi) and shop-systems (medusa) which fit perfectly to the approach of jamstack. To broaden my horizon and to keep my offers for you up to date, I am constantly educating myself. At the moment I'm exploring web 3.0 technologies, among other things.

A unique user experience is my first priority. My goal is to create websites and applications that show the love for detail.

So far so good? Great!

No matter if you need a new website, want your very own individual webshop or have an idea for new web application: Just contact me and we will discuss the details!

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This is my

work process

So that you have a rough overview of my work process, I would like to give you a little insight for your orientation. The following will await you during our cooperation.

Personal Support

Initial meeting: A joint initial meeting provides the basis for the further course of the project. We can hold this meeting in person, but we can also arrange a video call. Here we will determine initial solutions and the overall scope of the project. An initial meeting with me is always free of charge and without obligation. So it's no problem if your plans should change after the after the initial consultation.

Initial Meeting

Personal support: Unlike in a large agency you can always turn to me as your personal contact person. This allows me to respond much more precisely to your individual wishes and thus achieve the best possible result. If you have a request, which exceeds my personal field of activity, do not hesitate to contact me anyway. I can always fall back on a network of experienced freelancers. After completion of a project I also offer aftercare, to keep your website/web application etc. up to date, generate updates and thus security risks.


Pricing: I would also like to make the pricing as transparent as possible for you. You will receive a cost estimate from me before the start of the project. This can be discussed together if you have any questions. Subsequent price changes will only occur if the scope of the project changes at a later project should change at a later point in time. Depending on the occasion, we will discuss this personally, in order to provide you with a new and transparent price offer.


What I place particular emphasis on: User expierence is my top priority. This should not affect the performance and usability, but should go hand in hand with them. Cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness are a matter of course for me. Your website/web application etc. should always be found on Google and reach a high place in the ranking. To achieve this I make sure, that both content as well as performance, accessibility and static assets fit.

Contact me Regardless in which phase you are...
  • ...whether you have a rough idea for your website/web application
  • ...whether you already have exact ideas and ready-made designs
  • ...whether you have an existing website/web application and you want to make changes
I adapt to your initial situation and realize your next project with you!
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